2017 Boxing Day 10 Miler

The temperature in Hamilton for this race was predicted to be -11 degrees Celsius without the wind chill, and -22 with it. I think that’s the coldest it’s ever been in the 8 prior years I’ve run this race. I’ve run it in the rain, in snow, in wind, and even in the relative warmth (at least for Canada at this time of year). Today is different, and will be an interesting challenge.

2017 5 Peaks Albion Hills Enduro Race Report

This race is the only one on my schedule this year that is a trail race. I don’t remember why I picked it as one to do; likely because of where it falls in the training schedule. That, and trail races are hilly, and hills are speed work in disguise, as the saying goes. Also variety in training makes things a little less mundane. I like trail running, and I especially love the 5 Peaks series.

Run For The Lions 5km Race

After the challenging race the weekend before, I was looking forward to vindicating myself here. A couple of things were working in my favour: the weather was cool but sunny (perfect!), the race is along the lake, flat and a bit breezy but better than super hot, or raining (also perfect), and I know this course like the back of my hand (I run it almost every Saturday morning with my group of friends).

Around The Bay Road Race (30km) Race Report

On March 26th I ran my sixth Around The Bay Road Race in Hamilton, Ontario. The last time I ran it was 2011. It’s a fun race, and it fits well in the schedule when training for a spring marathon. Normally I’ve run it as a long run, but this time was different. This year it would be a test to see where I am in my training for my “A” race, which is the Mississauga Marathon.

West Rouge Fun Run 5km Race

I signed up for this race because it was local, about as local as a race could get. The community of West Rouge is where I live, the proceeds would be benefitting community projects, and the course is one I run practically every Saturday morning. The race also included a 10km run, but my coach said the 5km would fit in with the training better. She also said for me to do a warm up and cool down run, to get the mileage up to a total of 9km.

5 Peaks Ontario Race #2: Heart Lake Enduro 16km

The sun was shining, the rain wasn’t scheduled to hit until the afternoon, and I felt good and ready for a nice run through the trails. Oh how looks and feelings can be deceiving. One of the nice things about the 5 Peaks series is that the races don’t start too early. For me, the race began at 10. I normally like to get there an hour before, and it takes an hour to drive there from my place.