Hello. Long time no blog; since January, when I started training for the Mississauga Marathon. I had a long fall/winter layoff of running, and now needed to get back into it to achieve my goal of 3:30 or better.

Fortunately, i did achieve what I wanted with that race, finishing in 3:27. Without getting into too much race report detail, it was a perfect day all around. The weather was cool, I had no gear issues, no stomach issues, no issues of any sort (other than a bad case of nerves). I felt great right from the start, and pushed the pace from the 5 km mark. AT one point, I was 2km and 8 minutes ahead of where my pace band said I was supposed to be! Of course, towards the end, starting at around 30km I started to really feel it, and got slower. Crossing the finish line I wept like a baby, just happy I survived long enough to finish. I am now only 7 minutes off my qualification time for Boston! Woo hoo!

The BQ attempt will happen at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon> at the end of September 2009. But first, I need to survive the ENDURrun.

For those of you who don’t know, the ENDURrun is billed as the “Tour De France” of running. It consists of 8 days, 7 stages of running, from August 9th to 16th. Here’s the lineup:

  1. Half Marathon (26.2km)
  2. Time Trial (10km)
  3. Trail Run (16km)
  4. Hill Run (16km)
  5. Alpine Run (25.6km)
  6. Time Trial (10km)
  7. Marathon (42.2km)

There is a day off between Stage 4 and Stage 5. All runs take place in and around the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

Why, do you ask, am I doing such a foolhardy thing? Because I hear it’s the race to do, because I like a challenge, and because I can!