The Training Blues

Here we are, some 43 days away from the ENDURrun, and I have only done a handful of meaningful training sessions. It’s been very difficult to get back into training mode after the Mississauga Marathon. I did the requisite 2 weeks of rest and recovery; it took that long for my legs to stop hurting. But I had lingering knee and foot issues, issues that still bother me today.

My knee was the one that worried me the most. It was sore on the right side of my kneecap. It felt a lot like the ITB injury I had when I did my first marathon 4 years ago. This time, however, it just was not going to go away. I did the usual rest, ibuprofin, compress, elevate, ice, to no avail. I even had to resort to wearing an ITB strap generously offered from my running partner (a passing of the torch, if you will, since she’d been suffering with ITB issues for 6 months, and now is injury free).

I’ve done a lot more resting, and the issues seem to have pretty much cleared themselves up on their own. I am loathe to go to a doctor; about as close as I’ll go is to a massage therapist. But this week, I’ve done some very tough workouts according to my schedule, and they’ve all gone very well. I won’t say I’m 100%, but maybe 90%. We’ll see tonight, when I have to do speed work. Yikes!