The Crazy Dream

Welcome to my blog, my online journal of facts, features, and otherwise mindless drivel that I think some people may be interested in reading. I’m using this primary as a way to journal my ongoing quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’m hoping to put updates in here on a weekly basis, so keep tuned via RSS, or check back here periodically.

A little bit of background history:

  • I started running in summer 2004, taking a Running Room Learn to Run Clinic.
  • My first run was the CIBC Run for the Cure (5km).
  • I ran my first marathon in 2006, in Ottawa (4:46:51)
  • To date, I have run 6 marathons, 3 half marathons, and countless 5 and 10km runs.
  • After Ottawa, I solidified my quest to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon in 2010, the year I turn 40.
  • This year, my races will be: Mississauga Marathon (shooting for 3:30), ENDURrun (shooting to survive), and Scotiabank Marathon (shooting for 3:15). My qualifying time is 3:20.
  • I am currently into the 4th week of training for Mississauga. Read on for my updates!