Back on Track!

I am still high from Saturday morning’s 29km run. For me, it was one that reaffirmed things for me, that I have not lost my way, and still am on track in my training.

I broke it in two pieces; a 19km LSD run with Cheryl, and then a 10km progressively faster run, Cheryl accompanying me on bike. The first part was good; nice and slow and easy. The pace was about 30 seconds slower than what I’m supposed to be doing, but that’s okay. I missed a few runs during the week, so I felt a bit rusty. The run went from the lake up to Hwy #2 in Ajax, and back down again.

My 10km run was done at my normal LSD pace, and I gradually ramped it up. I wanted to see if I could run fast while tired. The first 5km was pretty much between 5:30 and 5:00. But after turning around and heading back, with a huge thunderstorm coming in from behind, I put the jets on and slowly brought my pace up. By the last km, I was doing marathon pace, and by the last 500m, I was flying; thinking of myself coming into the finishing stretch of the marathon. It was a great finish, and right when we stopped the rain started.

This week I’ve got the usual tempos, trail run, steady runs, and my first speed workout scheduled. Hopefully I can shoehorn them all into my busy life.