The Official Training Begins!

This past Tuesday was the first start of the Running Room marathon clinic I signed up for. You may be wondering why, after running so many marathons, and having taught the clinic twice before, did I feel the need to sign up for it. Well, I have a few reasons:

  1. Wanted to find a new group of people to run/train with.
  2. Figured that officially signing up for a clinic with $$ would make me more committed to getting out during the week.
  3. The Running Room program has worked for me in the past, and it may work again.

The group is pretty good; a nice spread of people of various skill levels. Most have run at least one marathon before. Many are either coming off injuries, or trying to get back after a lay-off (like me). The instructor is an old running buddy of mine, who actually was a student in the first marathon clinic I taught. There are a few others who I have either taught or run with in the clinic; having familiar faces there is nice.

The training schedule for a 3:45 marathon is pretty aggressive. It calls for running 6 days a week, with Monday being the lone rest day. It’s an 18-week training program, that looks like this:

  • Monday - rest day
  • Tuesday - 6km tempo
  • Wednesday - 10km tempo or hills or speed
  • Thursday - 8km steady
  • Friday - 10km steady
  • Saturday - 6km steady
  • Sunday - long slow distance run, ranging from 10km to 32km

You can see my first two workouts here:

Today’s scheduled run calls for an 8km steady run, but I think I’ll do some cross-training today instead; give my legs a bit of a break.