It's HERE....

The ENDURrun starts tomorrow. Am I ready? Ready as I’ll ever be. I’m going through ups and downs; I think I’m ready, then I read something online or look at the course map and start to think “What the $#@% have I gotten myself into?”

I realized last night as I was packing my stuff, that I don’t really have a race plan. I mean, I’m doing the event for the experience, but I haven’t really thought about paces for each of the stages. I figure for the half and full marathons, I’ll try to keep pace for a 3:30 finish. The time trials, being shorter runs, I can push that a bit. The cross country runs it’s just a matter of completion without injury. But I should probably figure out a pace that I can monitor and stick to.

I know this is serious stuff; I haven’t had a complete night’s sleep in a week (which is normal for me before a race).

I think I am ready. God help me.